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Tuition & Payment Info

Sliding Fee Scale

Sitar Arts Center is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization.  In support of the Center’s mission, it is our policy that each semester 80% of our students are from low-income households, defined as 50% or less of the median household income for the greater Washington, DC area. The median income varies depending upon the household’s number of people.

Family tuition is determined on a sliding fee scale in order to ensure that the programs remain affordable for all families of the community. The Center does not make a profit from student tuition or fees, which serve as a small contribution to the greater cost of each student’s arts education.

It is the highest priority of Sitar Arts Center to provide a tuition scale that is affordable to everyone and that no one will ever be turned away because of inability to pay.

Tuition Payments and Billing

Each student’s tuition is based upon his/her family’s income and is assessed during the registration appointment. At least 50% of this is due in addition to a $15 registration fee.  Families can choose from two payment plan options, and must pay the amount owed by the required due dates to continue participation in the payment plan option. Families with a balance from a previous semester may register once their previous balance is paid.

Sitar Arts Center reserves the right to dismiss any student due to multiple absences, frequent tardiness, overdue payments, disciplinary reasons and/or noncompliance with Sitar Arts Center policies.

Class Cancellations

If a class or workshop has insufficient enrollment, Sitar Arts Center reserves the right to cancel it. In some cases, under-enrolled classes may proceed if approved by Sitar Arts Center.

Schedule Changes, Withdrawals, Refunds and Dismissals

All cancellations and schedule changes must be made in writing by filling out an ‘add/drop’ form at the front desk. Verbal notices or requests from students and parents cannot be accepted. Classes are refunded first by the date that the written request was received, and then by the total number of classes remaining after classes are dropped.

If we receive a student’s withdrawal notice for Arts Afterschool classes  prior to the first week of scheduled lessons, classes or workshops, Sitar Arts Center will refund 75% of the tuition, not including the $15 registration fee.  If the student submits a withdrawal notice prior to the end of the late registration date, the Center will refund 50% of the tuition payment, not including the $15 registration fee. No refunds are given after later registration.

Please click here to see the refund policy for Early Childhood Arts classes and click here for the Spanish version.

Refunds less than $5.00 will be refunded to the family in the form of a tuition voucher. Vouchers can be used to pay for another class registration for any member of the household.

Adding classes may result in an additional payment. Families will receive a notice in the mail notating any balances on the family account. All accounts must be resolved before the next registration period.

Sitar Arts Center reserves the right to dismiss any student due to multiple absences, frequent tardiness, overdue payments, disciplinary reasons, and/or noncompliance with Sitar Arts Center policies without refund of tuition.