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Teens at Sitar

S.E.A.L. Program Online

The S.E.A.L. (Sitar’s Emerging Arts Leaders) program is Sitar Arts Center’s Teen program, for students between the ages of 13 to 18* years of age. S.E.A.L. is a safe space for teens to bond with one another, grow, and learn.

This year in virtual S.E.A.L, members will explore how creative expression builds community.

In the weekly Tuesday sessions, S.E.A.L. members will connect with our larger DC community by partnering with organizations all over the Washington area to learn from different artists and dive into different art forms. Some of our partners this year will include Words, Beats & Life and the Smithsonian.

Weekly Friday sessions will focus on mutually supporting our social-emotional wellnessstrengthening life skills, and civic engagement. These sessions will be planned and lead by our S.E.A.L. members, with the guidance of Sitar Staff.  

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To participate in S.E.A.L., members must: 

-Attend at least four sessions per month (two partner sessions and two regular sessions) 

-Take or assist in at least one other class in the Arts Afterschool program 

-Be 13 years old through 12th grade 


Partner Session 
Wednesday: 6:00 – 7:00pm
Regular SEAL Session 
Friday: 4:30 – 5:30pm   


First Trimester: TBD 
Second Trimester: Words, Beats & Life (Discipline: Creative Writing) 
Third Trimester: Smithsonian (Discipline: Visual Arts) 



By the end of Spring 2021, S.E.A.L. Members will have: 

Completed 2-3 pieces of art from the partnerships to add to their portfolio 

Performed or showcased their artwork  

Planned and executed a project based on their community’s needs 


Partner Session Description:  

Partners will teach and guide S.E.A.L. Members once a week over the course of each trimester through a new art form (ex. Slam Poetry/Spoken Word with Words, Beats & Life), culminating in a virtual showcase/presentation.  

Regular S.E.A.L. Session Description:  

Sitar Staff will guide 1-2 S.E.A.L. Members each week to plan and lead the sessions for their peers. These sessions will offer space to focus on social-emotional wellness, civic engagement, and building life skills. These sessions will be based on members’ needs. (ex. If members are interested in learning about FAFSA, we would hold a session about FAFSA.) Staff will use the breakroom function in Zoom when appropriate/necessary. 

SEAL Member Lead Description:

SEAL Members who would like to lead a session/s will be responsible for attending one planning meeting via Zoom with the SEAL Staff Members before the Friday session. In that planning meeting, they will reflect with the Staff members on the content of the session from the week prior and determine activities for the next session that build on the previous week. In the Friday sessions, they will lead the activities for their fellow members, with the guidance of the staff members when necessary.  


If S.E.A.L. Members attend at least 4 sessions (partner and regular) per month or at least 30 (partner and regular) sessions per year, they will receive: 
           -$25 VISA Gift Cards  

If S.E.A.L. Members lead 8-12 S.E.A.L. regular sessions they will receive: 

           -$50 VISA Gift Cards