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20th Anniversary Video Series

On July 6, 2021, Sitar was finally able to re-open our physical center for the summer-long Camp Sitar. The fourth installment in Sitar’s anniversary video series captures the laughter and imagination that filled each classroom and echoed through the hallways during the first week of Camp. Through this video, we invite you to share the joy, healing, and hopes of long-time and new Sitar parents, students, teachers, and staff and learn why Sitar Arts Center is an essential community anchor in Washington, DC.

Where would Sitar be without our beloved Music Associate, Joe Link? The third installment in Sitar’s anniversary video series focuses on the tremendous impact of Joe and Sitar’s Saints Band. We thank Joe for his years of service and for bringing out the light and music in all of his students. We also thank all Saints Band members, current and past, for being role models in our community and for their jazzin’ tunes.

We present our next installment of Sitar’s 20th Anniversary Video Series, celebrating 20 years of creating possibilities for DC children, youth, and artists. This video dives into the classroom, where you’ll see the impactful relationships our teaching artists have created with our students while discussing the essential life skills the arts offer.

Witness the power of a place where young people step into their potential and shine, and the creative community thrives, in our first video in the series, below: