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S.E.A.L. Teen Program

Teen Internships & Community Service

Summer Internships

Each summer, Sitar employs a limited number of students ages 14-24 who are paid through the Department of Employment Services, Marion Barry Summer Youth Employment Program. Each student that is chosen selects an area of work to apprentice in for the summer: Visual Arts, Summer Camp/Office or Musical Theater Production.

Both Sitar students and non-Sitar students can apply for summer internships at the Center. However, S.E.A.L. members who apply will have their applications reviewed first and the best candidates from the S.E.A.L. Program are given priority for filling summer internship slots.

Last day to apply is March 10, 2021.

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Community Service

High School students seeking community service hours are required to enroll at Sitar as students during the Sitar registration period and must register for at least one teen arts class (for their personal enrichment – not for community service credit) in addition to registering for a “community service job”.

During the registration appointment students will work with the Senior Director of Programs to select a community service job from a list of available jobs that best fits their skills and interests as well as the needs of the Center.
Students must make a commitment for the duration for the semester (14 weeks for fall or 15 weeks for spring) and must attend both their teen arts class and their community service job each week in order to receive community service credit. Students are able to earn 1 to 2 hours per week (for a total of 15 – 30 hours for a fall or spring semester) and are responsible for keeping track of their earned hours.

Community service jobs are not available during the summer, unless students are enrolled in the S.E.A.L. summer internship program.   For more questions regarding community service, students may contact A. Lorraine Robinson by email or by phone at (202) 797-2145, ext. 107.

For more information about volunteer teaching or community service contact A. Lorraine Robinson by email or by phone at (202) 797-2145, ext. 107.