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Janin Melara

Community Events and Engagement Coordinator
202.797.2145 x104

Janin is a lead teacher for Sitar Aftercare clubs. She manages summer youth interns, organizes center events, and develops and maintains healthy relationships with students, teens, and alumni. Janin is a Sitar alum. Her first semester as a Sitar student was the summer of 2004 and discovered her artistic talent, embarking on the journey of self-discovery and worth as an artist. Late 2017, Janin returned to Sitar and took on the role as Operations Assistant Fellow and soon after assumed a permanent position. Janin received her BA from Trinity University in Business Administration with a minor in Economics early 2017. Outside of Sitar, Janin continues to teach and introduce art to kids/youth at her Church and create professional art inspired by the things around her.