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Mayor Bowser Visits with Students at Sitar

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser recently visited with Sitar Arts Center students and they were eager to share their artwork, their stories, and their hopes with their city’s leadership.

Ten year-old Sitar student Daniela introduced the Mayor to an art room full of educators and youth advocates. Daniela has been coming to Sitar since she was a toddler in the Center’s Early Childhood Arts program. “Sitar has done a lot in my life like help me find my true passion, singing! At Sitar I learn violin, physical acting, and playwriting, and take vocal lessons. All of these classes help me add something bigger to my future,” Daniela said. Her introduction was so poised and profound that she may have launched her own future candidacy for mayor–if you need a smile today, please watch for yourself as Daniela introduces Mayor Bowser.

The occasion for the Mayor’s visit was an important one. Mayor Bowser held a press conference at Sitar to inform the public about the launch of DC’s new Office of Out of School Time Grants and Youth Outcomes. The new office affirms what Sitar’s community has known all along: that learning should not end when the school day and school year end. When afterschool and summer hours are not filled with opportunities to discover gifts, learn new skills, and be in the care of a nurturing community, they become vulnerable. And the achievement gap widens especially for financially disadvantaged children during those vulnerable hours.

Thank you for continuing to support and uplift children like Daniela at Sitar who are eagerly adding something bigger to their future each and every day.