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Sitar Arts Center’s 2022 – 2027 Strategic Plan

Our 5-year plan, which focuses on growing our impact in four primary areas, is underway! Sitar Arts Center is in an exciting season of growth and expansion across our services, arts programs, and community spaces. By 2027, we will increase Sitar’s physical footprint by 50% and create opportunities for deepened engagement through the arts for young people of all ages.

Serving as our north star, our new strategic plan elevates the perspective of our most important audience: our families, and ensures all young people are suported on their path to discover their creativity and achieve their full potential.

Strategic Focus Areas

1. Grow in Place as a Community Anchor for DC

Image: Rendering of Sitar Next Door

What this means

The community call for Sitar to expand grows louder every day. There are simply not enough affordable arts education, out-of-school time, and workforce development opportunities in DC for families overcoming economic barriers.

How we’ll get there

To accomplish this, Sitar will expand its physical footprint and evolve our programming to meet the needs of our community. We will:

  • Purchase, build, and sustainably operate Sitar Next Door.
  • Evolve programming to meet emerging needs of the community.
  • Cultivate existing relationships and build new ones.
  • Optimize systems to improve care of facilities and people.

Learn more about our expansion to Sitar Next Door.

2. Expand Our Continuum to Young Adulthood

Image: Sitar teen interns

What this means

As Sitar continues to grow, so do our students. Despite their hard work and success, Sitar alumni face continuous systemic barriers to completing a four-year college program and following traditional career pathways.

How we’ll get there

To accomplish this, Sitar will deeply invest in workforce development so young people can chart their own pathways to success. We will:

  • Initiate a successful creative workforce development program, ArtsAdvance: Career Studios, for young adults that leads to direct employment in creative industries.
  • Develop an accessible network of professional resources.
  • Train staff to work with young adults, particularly those from historically underrepresented communities and/or those overcoming barriers to education and employment.

3. Deepen Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Image: Sitar student artwork

What this means

Sitar was founded on the belief that every child deserves access to quality arts education, and we know that there is work to do to formalize and build on that commitment.

How we’ll get there

To accomplish this, Sitar will revisit programming and systems to create a more inclusive and equitable environment for our community. We will:

  • Create accessible programming and systems to identify, attract, retain, and support students with diverse backgrounds and needs.
  • Develop systems, processes, and procedures that create a more inclusive and equitable environment.
  • Ensure staff implement inclusive and equitable practices in their work.

4. Evolve our Business Model and Brand Identity

Image: Sitar student musician and instructor

Our bold vision for the future requires that Sitar Arts Center’s business model and brand identity evolve as we expand our programs.

How we’ll get there

To accomplish this, Sitar will scale revenue models and build brand awareness, cementing Sitar as an organizational leader in accessible arts education and workforce development. We will:

  • Amplify Sitar’s identity as a community anchor and place of belonging for young adults through workforce development and training in creative industries and arts.
  • Develop diversified earned revenue streams.
  • Increase visibility and community reach by investing in key systems.
  • Scale fundraising to meet programming and operational growth and community needs.