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Arts Afterschool

Our Arts Afterschool Program offers afternoon classes for kindergarten through adult during our semesters. Classes are in dance, drama, digital arts, music, visual arts, and creative writing.

At Sitar, we typically serve only DC residents, however, this school year we will be offering a limited number of spaces to Non-DC residents for online programming.  Tuition is on a sliding scale based on household income. 

WINTER SEMESTER*: January 11th - February 19th

SPRING SEMESTER*: March 29th – May 14th 

*Dependent on the evolving situation with COVID19 and the recommendations from Health Officials, we are hoping to begin to pilot hybrid programming in our Spring semester.

Semester dates and offerings are subject to change. In-person appointments via Zoom are required to register for classes this school year.

Appointments for Spring will be held:
March 1st– 4th, 8th-11th, & 15th-16th.

Creative Writing

Writing students at Sitar Arts Center explore their creative gifts and develop them on paper. Through classes like Poetry and Playwriting, many students delve into experiences from their own lives, while others create stories from what lies within their imaginations.


Sitar Arts Center’s dance program offers classes in both classical and contemporary dance, ranging from ballet to hip hop. Students can also explore the dance of many cultures, such as Belly dance, Indian dance and African dance.


The dramatic arts at Sitar Arts Center provide an outlet for self-expression through role playing, thinking strategically, and working as a team.  Students gain confidence and poise through their work on stage and increase their abilities in memorization, focus, improvisation, public speaking and with literary analysis skills.

Digital Arts

Sitar Arts Center’s goal is to offer a technological component to our main art forms. Students at Sitar Arts Center have access to our state-of-the-art computer lab, where they explore classes and individual study in music production, graphic design, game design, digital photography, and video.


Instrumental and vocal music at Sitar Arts Center provides an outlet for individual and ensemble performance. Students learn to collaborate while playing and singing with others, as well as learning music theory and developing critical thinking skills as they master their individual instruments.

The Instrumental Music Academy at Sitar Arts Center offers 80 individual lessons per semester in various instruments including piano, violin, guitar, viola, flute, clarinet, drums, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, cello and more, with priority given to children and youth. Students in the Instrumental Music Academy are also required to register for a Music Theory class and to practice three times a week. Individual lessons may be continued during the summer session, depending on availability.

Visual Arts

The visual arts at Sitar Arts Center provide students with an opportunity to gain technical skills while learning to express their feelings through a number of diverse media, including painting, sculpture, drawing and fashion design. Students learn to view their surroundings differently and are exposed to the work of great artists for technique and inspiration.