Our mission is to offer possibilities that transform the lives of children and teens born into a world of unequal access to opportunity.

We engage children and teens in the highest quality visual, performing and digital arts. We teach the arts so that our students learn about themselves and gain critical life skills. We create community for students and their families. And we are an untiring voice on their behalf.

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20th Anniversary Video Series

The fifth and final installment in Sitar Arts Center’s anniversary video series, premiered at the Bet on the Arts Gala on October 21, 2021....

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Kids’ EuroFest

Kids Euro Festival 2020 Travel virtually through Europe in six weeks, with performances and workshops for children of all ages! Sitar Arts Center is...

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Looking Back at Camp Sitar

Camp quotes • Citas del campamento My daughter has been able to engage with the best volunteer teachers, who encourage her to be brave,...

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