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Sitar Receives National Media Spotlight

Sitar Arts Center was recently profiled in Youth Today, an independent, nationally distributed newspaper. The article, Access to Arts is Linked to Greater Well-Being in Economically Disadvantaged Neighborhoods, confirms what Sitar Arts Center has long known to be true here in our community.  “Cultural opportunities provide a bright spot in many disadvantaged neighborhoods.”

Recent studies have found that a larger number of arts institutions in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods correlates with greater social well-being, based on measures of health, safety and school effectiveness.Youth Today covers the most pressing issues faced by young people across the nation, including juvenile justice, gang and violence prevention, after-school programs and mentoring, and job training and school-to-work initiatives. Sitar Arts Center is proud to serve as such an integral part of building community and in creating pathways towards success in the lives of more than 850 children and youth enrolled in our programs throughout the year.