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Sitar Students Develop 21st Century Learning Skills

In today’s challenging world, it is more important than ever that students are acquiring the kinds of skills that will enable them to succeed in the 21st century. Sitar Arts Center is committed to advancing these critical life skills for its students. We know that the arts are both an avenue for self-discovery and a way to acquire these tools. Our students not only learn to use the most recent technology and computers, but also intangibles like collaboration and goal-setting. As an organization, Sitar Arts Center adopted four areas that articulate the kinds of 21st century learning skills students are learning in their classes every day: Creative & Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, and Initiative & Accountability.

Sitar recently completed an evaluation measuring 2013-2014 Sitar student proficiency and improvements in four targeted 21st century learning skills. Those targeted skills were Creative and Critical Thinking, Initiative and Accountability, Communication, and Collaboration. Highlights of findings are in the infographic below.

We are grateful to independent evaluation consultant Hilary Binder-Aviles who conducted this evaluation. We’re equally thankful for The World Bank and the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities for funding this project.

Evaluation Infographic

Creating Impact: 2013-2014 Program Highlights