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Gallery Exhibitions

Sitar Arts Center’s Cafritz Gallery celebrates not only the artwork of our students, faculty, and staff, but our community as well. The Gallery Series aims to educate the Sitar Arts Center community about the visual arts from both the artist and viewer’s perspective, while giving young emerging artists the opportunity to exhibit professionally.  

Operating for over 15 years, the Cafritz Gallery is an intimate space that exhibits a variety of mediums and styles of 2D and 3D work. With six showcases a year, we offer young artists opportunities to feature and sell their work through solo and group exhibitions. Additionally young artists can learn from more seasoned artists through juried exhibitions, faculty showcases, and artists talks. 

Each year the Cafritz Gallery hosts a juried exhibition that is open to the public. This juried exhibition presents artists with a new theme and a new group of jurors to review the work. Jurors are practicing visual artists and arts professionals working in various organizations and positions within the DC community.  

For questions about how to exhibit or interest in being a juror, please contact Korina Isler at or by phone at (202) 797-2145, ext. 106



Sitar Arts Center’s Cafritz Gallery Presents   

EXISTENCE, Isiah Gatheright   

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 10th from 7:00 – 9:00 pm   

Exhibition Dates: November 7th – December 1st   

Sitar Arts Center is proud to celebrate artists of various backgrounds and communities. Join us as we celebrate one of DC’s local artists. This exhibition highlights the vision and exploration behind Isiah Gatheright’s creative process in his first solo show, EXISTENCE.    

We are excited to present EXISTENCE – a solo presentation including wax and oil-based paintings by Isiah Gatheright. This work displays the use of mixed media and hidden objects through abstraction, allowing Gatheright to test the limits of his artistry. His work evokes emotions while engaging its audience as they discover a world waiting to be explored. We encourage you to dive in and keep an eye out for hidden messages.   

Please join us for the Opening Reception!   

Isiah Gatheright, Indigenous Queen, 2022   

Oil-painting, wax, canvas, found objects  

Isiah Gatheright, Indigenous Queen, 2022  
Oil painting, wax, canvas, found objects  

Washington, D.C. based artist, Isiah Gatheright, has taken his love and curiosity for abstract and encaustic art to the next level. Encaustic art is a painting style that involves molted wax and adding pigments to create new colors. For the past two years, Gatheright has collected objects, stating “I decided it was time to use them for this series,” to create works dedicated to the exploration of his creativity and existence.   

Throughout his life, Gatheright has always been surrounded by secondhand items, taking inspiration from the concept of repurposing found objects. He uses the juxtaposition of various materials to explore the possibilities of encaustic art. Gatheright uses wax to embed objects into his pieces in order to create movement and accentuate focal points. When asked about his choice of materials, Gatheright explains, “I always let the subject matter guide me to the material and methods used.” According to Gatheright, “curiosity first led me to encaustic art, but the versatility of the wax medium kept my interest. Wax allows for vertical hierarchy and an added dimension of depth.”    

As a firm believer in the natural order, Gatheright drifts with the flow of life and embraces entropy. All things are moving towards chaos, then eventually back to order. Observing these cycles has been essential to his existence and explorations as a young adult. For Existence, Gatheright explains that “the goal is to present chaos in arrangements that express the ever-changing tides of emotion while covering themes such as identity, consumerism, and value. The overall composition and the use of additives help draw viewers in, inviting the viewers to ponder the purpose, question its worth, and embrace a little disorder.”   

We encourage you to visit his exhibition at Sitar Arts Center’s Cafritz Gallery from November 7th to December 1st. Let us know what hidden messages you can find.       

 Please RSVP no later than November 7th, 2022.   

Call for Submissions 


Sitar Arts Center celebrates art in the community with our 13th Annual Juried Exhibition. This Exhibition aims to feature work from emerging local artists, including members of our Sitar community, in a variety of mediums. The opening reception and awards ceremony is on Thursday, March 3, 2023. Last day to submit is Wednesday, February 3rd, 2023. 

View Prospectus Here

To enter this exhibition, please submit your application here: 

2022 Theme: Unity and the Environment  

We live in a world full of countless faces, cultures, and ideas that inspire understanding for one another. Unity creates a sense of balance within out personal worlds and these environments that shape us into unique individuals. Our understanding of unity in these environments can set the foundation for our future. This exhibit invites artists to express themselves by representing an environment of their choice as they explore their relationship with unity in that environment,  

Ask yourself, how does unity play a role in this space? Visually represent your understanding of the importance that unity holds within an environment. Does this space reflect an abundance or lack of unity? We encourage you to participate and take advantage of this opportunity to illustrate your views and values on the perplexing relationship between unity and the environment. We are excited to see the story your art will tell.

Prizes & Categories 

*Category type is determined by age of participant when work is submitted 

Young Adult: Age 16-21 

1st Prize: $200 
2nd Prize: $100 

Adult: Age 22 and over 
1st Prize: $400, Solo exhibition at Sitar & Juror for the 14th Annual Juried Exhibit 
2nd Prize: $200 

People’s Choice Award* 

$50 Award 

*Chosen by the Sitar Community 


March 2, 2023, at 7:00 pm 

*Public viewing after reception is by appointment only.