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Executive Director Maureen Dwyer Takes to the Airwaves on “Something to Say”

Executive Director Maureen Dwyer recently appeared on “Something to Say,” a compelling public affairs talk show airing weekly on WPFW 89.3FM. Hosted by Mazi Mutafa, the show serves as a dynamic platform amplifying the voices of young poets and community activists who are at the forefront of addressing pressing societal issues. During her appearance, Maureen engaged in a vibrant conversation touching on various aspects of Sitar Arts Center’s mission and impact.

Maureen shared insight into her background and personal journey, offering listeners a glimpse into her experiences as an artist and arts administrator that led her to her current role at Sitar. Her passion for arts education and community development shone through as she recounted serendipitous and pivotal moments along the way, underscoring her deeply rooted commitment to driving her work at the Sitar. 

Throughout the interview, Maureen stressed Sitar’s dedication to ensuring equitable access to quality arts education, ensuring that all students can explore their passions regardless of socioeconomic status. She shed light on the transformative power of the arts in empowering youth and building community, highlighting Sitar’s innovative programs designed to nurture creativity and self-expression across diverse art forms. Maureen also spoke about Sitar’s workforce development and career training programs, punctuating her vision of Sitar’s growth in this area over the next five years.  

The informative conversation touched on Sitar expanding its footprint in Adams Morgan as well. Maureen highlighted Sitar’s current capital campaign launched to raise funds for the purchase of the soon to be Sitar Next Door, an adjacent space to the Sitar Arts Center. This brand-new facility will enable Sitar to scale its youth arts education programs and initiate a new career training program for young adults. 

 In addition to discussing the impactful work Sitar has engaged in over the past 24 years, Maureen spoke about Sitar’s collaborative work with members of the DC Arts Education Alliance, which Sitar co-founded. By collaborating with local organizations and advocating for the equitable distribution of government resources, Sitar is helping Washington, D.C. to meet the needs of young people more holistically. 

 Maureen’s passion for harnessing the arts as a tool for social change shined through. To hear Maureen’s insightful interview and learn more about Sitar Arts Center’s impactful work, click below to listen to the full conversation on “Something to Say.”