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Our Alumni Community

Over the last few months, we have started sharing our installation of Alumni Spotlight Boards featuring Sitar alumni engaged in various artistic disciplines. Other than growing up at Sitar, all have shared an expression of Sitar being a second home, a place to gather as a community, celebrate the arts, grow artistically, develop professionally, and uplift one another. As one alum, Forrest Penrod, puts it, “Sitar felt like an oasis of people from all walks of life coming to interact and be friends and cordial in this ocean of ‘you stick with the people on your block.’”

“I’m proud of having Sitar in the community. It’s great to have this little place where arts and creativity are really thriving.”

Joel Avila Perez, Sitar Alum

We are proud to have a community that keeps giving back to Sitar. It fuels feels of belonging, aspirations, and achievement for everyone involved. We recognize everyone within our community, from our students and families, leadership, faculty and staff, and neighbors, for helping achieve greatness within Sitar’s doors. It is because of our community that we are able to establish our identity, and continue Sitar’s mission for years to come.

“It’s important to me to give back to make sure that the next generation of people have the opportunities that I did, and maybe they’re able to pay it forward as well.”

Parker Schaffel, Sitar Volunteer Teacher

We invite you to view Sitar’s 20th Anniversary Video Series to learn more about our community, and encourage you to get involved. There are several ways to engage with Sitar, including volunteering, donating, enrolling in classes, full-time, part-time, and summer employment opportunities, and partnering with us.