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Sitar Stories

Kids’ EuroFest

Kids Euro Festival 2020

Travel virtually through Europe in six weeks, with performances and workshops for children of all ages!

Sitar Arts Center is proud to partner with the European Union Delegation to the USA and once again co-host Kids EuroFest


Embassy of Austria presents “Planet Sis”

a dynamic and musical interaction. Between the two poles of synchronicity and autonomy they are searching for dialogue: in words, movement and sound.

Co-hosted by Theaterhaus für junges Publikum and Sitar Arts Center


Embassy of Bulgaria presents Breathing Paper

The world of paper art is multi-layered, with a lot of symbolism and significance over time. This project…will have children meet with contemporary art and give them the opportunity to learn about different traditions and crafts related to the “soul of paper” and how she “breathes.”

Co-hosted by Sitar Arts Center

Embassy of Cyprus

Embassy of Cyprus invites you to a virtual workshop on the art of Pumpkin (Gourd) Carving, a folk craft developed in Cyprus over many years. Get your pumpkin and follow along with the directions from Cypriot craftsman Mr. Giannakis Ioannou.

Co-hosted by Sitar Arts Center


Embassy of Denmark

‘The Ugly Duckling’, ‘The Snow Queen’ and ‘The little Mermaid’ are only some of the titles of all the wonderful fairy tales written by the famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen.

Starting October 17, children ages 4-12 can enjoy virtual storytelling of these classics, Thanks to the Hans Christian Andersen Storytelling Center

To register, go here Hans Christian Andersen: Fairy Tales Co-hosted by Sitar Arts Center


Embassy of Estonia How to Make a Spotted Dog & Pigs in Blankets?

Pille Petersoo, the host of Estonia’s most popular food website Nami-Nami, will show how to make two dishes that all Estonian children love and that are really easy to make at home: “Kirju Koer,” made with cookies, jelly candy and cocoa, and “viineripirukad,” also known as pigs in a blanket.

Co-hosted by Sitar Arts Center


Embassy of Germany : Where did Kindergarten Come From?

Nearly 200 years ago, a man named Friedrich Fröbel founded the first Kindergarten. His idea was to give young kids a place to learn and grow. In this spirit, we present to you a variety of digital activities for learning and discovery—as well as fun facts on Fröbel and Kindergarten! Co-hosted by Sitar Arts Center


Embassy of Ireland 

Embassy of Ireland  invites you to join Fiona McEntee to hear her read from her book Our American Dream and learn how immigration has shaped America.

Fiona McEntee is an award-winning immigration lawyer, and herself an Irish immigrant to the United States.

Co-hosted by Sitar Arts Center


Embassy of Portugal brings to us the beautiful folk sounds of Fado

The workshop will be based on the presence of the mentor of the project, Rodrigo Costa Félix, and will have the participation of a guest “fadista” and two musicians (Portuguese Guitar and Classical Guitar).

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Co-hosted by Sitar Arts Center


Embassy of Latvia to the USA

will host an important workshop on media literacy and critical thinking. Children will learn from Yale Associate Scholar Dr. Solvita Denisa-Liepniece, author of the children’s book “Wolf the Manipulator,” and beloved children’s book illustrator Marina Henina.

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Co-hosted by Sitar Arts Center