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Executive Director Maureen Dwyer and S.E.A.L. Student Appear on “Living Local DMV”

On Monday, February 19, 2024, Maureen Dwyer, the Executive Director of Sitar Arts Center, along with Estephanie, an 18-year-old student of Sitar’s Emerging Arts Leaders (S.E.A.L.) program and 2023 Rhonda Buckley Award honoree, made an appearance on DCW50’s “Living Local DMV.” This entertainment show offers a platform for organizations like Sitar Arts Center to broaden their outreach and strengthen their connection with the Washington metropolitan community. 

Maureen and Estephanie discussed the transformational work of Sitar Arts Center and the importance of arts for young people. 

Reflecting on Sitar’s nearly 25-year history in Adams Morgan, Maureen shared why Sitar and the arts are critical. “Arts are essential for a whole education. … If a student is deeply engaged in the arts, they are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement. Students from households with financial barriers who are deeply engaged in the arts are more than twice as likely to graduate college. So, it really does impact life-long learning and success,” said Maureen. She continued, “It’s just a difficult time to be a young person. … I feel like our youth are just crying out for connection and for belonging and at Sitar they get both. … There’s really no better way than the arts to discover who you are. …” 

Estephanie echoed Maureen’s sentiments, stating “I feel that I’ve figured myself out. I am now who I am because of Sitar. My specialty is musical theater, so I believe when I came in and discovered that, it just broadened my horizons.” She also provided a glimpse inside of S.E.A.L., which Estephanie aspired to be a part of because she looked up to teens who’ve been in the program. Estephanie also shared how S.E.A.L. is an important space for teens to get to know each other and grow. 

Watch the segment to learn more about the “electric’ Sitar Arts Center, as described by Charis Gomez, executive producer and host of “Living Local DMV.”