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Early Childhood Professional Development Institute

2nd Annual Early Childhood
Professional Development Institute – Meeting of Minds

Sitar is hosting a special conversation with leading scholars and artists in early childhood education.  Sitar’s annual Early Childhood Professional Development Institute, “Meeting of Minds,” will take place from February 1-3.  This year’s Meeting of Minds focuses on the intersection of the science of brain development with best practices in early childhood education in the areas of visual arts, music, dance, theater, the humanities, and mathematics.  Designed for teaching artists and educators from Sitar and partnering organizations, the Institute will include experiential activities, interactive exercises, and observation of a sample classroom in addition to informative presentations of up-to-date research on nurturing creativity and growth in children.

Our featured panelist is Dr. Eleanor Duckworth, Professor Emerita at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education and former student and translator of Jean Piaget, whose work is grounded in learning about the nature of intelligence and understanding in children.

Joining Eleanor on stage will be Dr. Jessica Phillips-Silver, an international speaker and the founder of Growing Brains; Marcia Daft, founder and artistic director of Moving Through Math and Moving Through Science; Dr. Rosary Lalik, whose research at Virginia Tech has focused on literacy and issues related to social justice, equity, and gender; Sara Pleydell, award-winning author and language arts professor who writes on arts integration in childhood education; and Sitar’s own Sylvia Zwi, Dean and Director of Early Childhood Arts and Professional Development, who has concurrent positions with District of Columbia Public Schools and numerous other organizations.

Here is a link to a full agenda of the three days along with bios of all the distinguished presenters.

To sign up for or any of the sessions, please register here.