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Corporate Support

Corporate partners are important members of Sitar’s community, ensuring DC’s children, teens, and young adults have equitable opportunities for high-quality arts education and enriching out-of-school time care.

Your company or firm is invited to partner with Sitar Arts Center by sponsoring our annual Gala, or by supporting a specific program such as Arts Afterschool, Camp Sitar, or another that aligns with your company goals.

Corporate partnership comes with highly visible recognition and other year-long benefits, including opportunities for student performances and on-site volunteering.

Click here to read more about Sitar’s Value and Impact and what a partnership can offer your company. See our list of current supporters here. Charity Navigator, America’s premier independent charity evaluator, has awarded Sitar Arts Center four out of a possible four star rating.

We would welcome a conversation with you to learn how Sitar can add value to your company. Please contact Sitar Arts Center’s Chief Development Officer, Essence Newhoff, at (202) 797-2145, ext. 101 or