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Previous Exhibition

Sitar Arts Center’s The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation Gallery hosts on-going exhibits of both professional and student work. Artists are selected through a submission process. 

Previous Solo Exhibition

EXISTENCE, Isiah Gatheright

Exhibition Dates: November 7th – December 1st , 2022

Sitar Arts Center presented EXISTENCE – a solo presentation including wax and oil-based paintings by Isiah Gatheright. This work displays the use of mixed media and hidden objects through abstraction, allowing Gatheright to test the limits of his artistry. His work evokes emotions while engaging its audience as they discover a world waiting to be explored.

Isiah Gatheright, Indigenous Queen, 2022   
Oil-painting, wax, canvas, found objects  

Throughout his life, Gatheright has always been surrounded by secondhand items, taking inspiration from the concept of repurposing found objects. He used the juxtaposition of various materials to explore the possibilities of encaustic art. Gatheright used wax to embed objects into his pieces in order create movement and accentuate focal points. When asked about his choice of materials, Gatheright explains, “I always let the subject matter guide me to the material and methods used.” According to Gatheright, “curiosity first led me to encaustic art, but the versatility of the wax medium kept my interest. Wax allows for vertical hierarchy and an added dimension of depth.”    

As a firm believer in the natural order, Gatheright drifts with the flow of life and embraces entropy. All things are moving towards chaos, then eventually back to order. Observing these cycles has been essential to his existence and explorations as a young adult. For EXISTENCE, Gatheright explains that “the goal is to present chaos in arrangements that express the ever-changing tides of emotion while covering themes such as identity, consumerism, and value. The overall composition and the use of additives help draw viewers in, inviting the viewers to ponder the purpose, question its worth, and embrace a little disorder.

Previous Juried Exhibition

12th Annual Patricia Sitar Juried Exhibition 

Sitar Arts Center celebrated art in the community with our 12th Annual Juried Exhibition. This Exhibition aims to feature work from emerging local artists, including members of our Sitar community, in a variety of mediums.

2021 Theme: EMOTION

The complexities of emotions are evident in its spheres of expression, perception, and awareness. Therefore, emotions are expressed and perceived differently. This exhibition gives the artist the opportunity to express various experiences, feelings and emotions through context such as image, composition, color and form. 

Winners of the 12th Annual Patricia Sitar Juried Exhibition – EMOTION! 

Ages 22 and older 

1st Place: 
Isiah Gatheright  

2nd Place: 
Sarah Renzi Sanders 

Young Adult 

1st Place: 
Claire Perry 

2nd Place: 
Be’Len Rice 

People’s Choice Award:  
Jessica Leskin