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Arts Afterschool


Students at Sitar Arts Center have danced in The Nutcracker, choreographed their own modern dances, and explored the world of African Dance. These classes and others like Belly Dance, Tap, and Capoeira allow young people to express themselves physically while studying classic and culturally relevant styles. Many of our ballet and modern dance classes are taught in partnership with The Washington Ballet and CityDance.

Check the course schedule for current semester offerings and times.

  • African Dance (kids, teens, adults)
  • Ballet (kids, teens, adults) in partnership with The Washington Ballet
  • Belly Dance (teens, adults)
  • Broadway and Video Choreography (Kids and Teens)
  • Capoeira (teens, adults)
  • Choreography: Modern and Jazz Dance (teens)
  • Hip Hop (kids, teens)
  • Indian Dance (kids, teens, adults)
  • Step Dance Troupe (kids, teens)
  • Tap (kids)
  • Yoga (kids, teens, adults)