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Private: S.E.A.L. Program Online

How to Apply for Sitar’s S.E.A.L. Program

Students can register at any time of the semester. There is a specific form and process for registering into the Teen Program. Registering for classes does not enroll any student into the Teen Program.

Interested students must contact Loretta Thompson at (202) 797-2145, ext. 117 or click here to email  to schedule an application appointment and to receive the proper application forms.

On the application all students must choose a major: Visual Art, Digital/Tech Arts, Creative Writing, Performing Arts, Multidisciplinary or Open. After selecting a major the student will determine which core courses and electives are being offered for the semester and choose their classes. Students must complete the community service options and read and sign the S.EA.L. Teen Program Student Agreement, which explains all S.E.A.L. rules.

Students who were previously enrolled in the program and left the program or have not contacted their advisor for more than three months, regardless of circumstances, must have their file reviewed by staff before they can be readmitted to the program.

Once the student has registered for classes and completed and returned all forms, they are considered enrolled into the program and will be contacted by their advisor within the first few weeks of the semester.

Click here for the application form.